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     When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. As cliche as this is, it is basically what a lot of creatives and business owners had to do during the pandemic and to some degree are still doing. For us, as important as selling merch is our hearts were in a different space for those first few months of 2020. We didn’t feel right asking for a sale when the world was upside down.
     So we made a pívot.
     Everyone was staying home and using Zoom so we decided to take advantage and reach out to some of our people for interviews. Well honestly they wouldn’t be interviews, they would be aware conversations. Instead of the typical question-answer format we wanted to have conversations that built on ideas and were filled with gems to improve our lives and the lives of our tribe.
We reached out to our network and scheduled 8 convos back to back! One each week, and from that the AWARE CONVOS series was born.
     The feedback was amazing! People had the opportunity to get to know the guys behind the brand and we also introduced our tribe to people they never heard of before which was exactly what we wanted to do. We kept the convos going in the beginning of this year but themed them around what was happening at the time : Love and Heart health for February, Black Womanhood during Women’s Month, and different healing modalities for our Heal Thyself collection. Having the convos on IG live vs Zoom really exposed us to a larger audience. We received DMs of appreciation and love that inspired us to take the convos to the next level.
     The timing was right for in person conversations too as most people are now feeling more comfortable being outside and around others. We connected with Darlene Okpo and set up shop in her bookstore-Adanne in Brooklyn for the first two convos and then flew to Detroit for 3 more talks. We are so excited to release these convos to y’all!
     Our first convo is featuring our guy Santos García! Santos gained a wealth of knowledge and experiences working in marketing and street team promotions. After managing artists like Ne-yo for many years he decided to start his own marketing consulting imprint, Sense 93 LLC. We had a dope convo exploring what it means to be aware in the entertainment industry, how to stay grounded and the importance of having a connection to a higher being. Gems on gems on gems!
     Check out our YouTube channel for the video and search “The Aware Brand” on your podcasting platform for the audio. Tap in and share with your circle!
Stay Aware 👁
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Growing up in the same building in Spring Valley NY, we were always into art, fashion and music. When it came to clothes, our love for hats is something neither of us could have guessed would be the thing to make us go into business together. Life is funny like that.

Before a website or Instagram page, hats were the first items introducing everyone to the brand in 2017. We were wearing the hats and “selling them out the trunk”; we wanted to see if people would actually buy them, and they did. The message of self awareness and self love spoke to people in a real way and it didn’t take long for us to realize we really had something on our hands.

Whenever we talk about Aware, Drew always talks about getting the initial download from the Universe to start the brand, and that it came to him in the wee hours of the morning-“God’s hour”. There are so many ideas freely floating around in the atmosphere, and we have to be on a certain frequency to catch them. On that morning, at God’s hour, a seed to change our lives was planted.

Now to the juice! We are sure you’re thinking: How in the world did two guys from Spring Valley get their brand in 13 Foot Locker stores??!

The plan was always to touch the people, and we started 2020 with a couple of pop ups before Covid came and shook everything up. We hit the Pandora headquarters in NYC for their Black History marketplace experience AND killed Detroit’s “In The Streets” pop up at the Foot Locker in Eastpointe. In the same month! And it was the pictures and content from that Foot Locker pop up that caught the eyes of some important people on the corporate side of Foot Locker. After a couple of meetings we decided to bet on ourselves and take a chance!

We started with two stores last year, now we are in 13, and only looking to grow more and more. If you ever needed confirmation to trust your vision and follow it, look no further than us. That message from the Universe has the potential to completely change your life. Honor it and work hard.

Check the stores we are in!

Our hometown Spring Valley has been aware, and now Foot Locker is AWARE👁!

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