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So Spirtual Shorts

9 oz black So Spiritual shorts showing that no matter what culture, religion, or race you are, we all come from the same source and can access that power at any time. Tap in! 

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6 oz grey God is My Source tee that reminds us that God is the plug. Stay tapped in! 

So Spirtual Tee

6 oz black So Spiritual tee features religious symbols on the back showing the unity of spirituality!

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11.8 oz royal blue God is My Source sweatpants that honor and recognize God as the plug! 

So Spirtual Snapback

Quality "A" black snap back hat with our "So Spiritual" design on one side and our classic logo on the other. This hat matches every piece in the collection! 

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Quality embroidered golden God is My Source trucker hat that matches the rest of the So Spiritual collection. Add this to make the fit complete!

About So Spiritual Collection:

Our So Spiritual collection is to remind you that no matter how you are living, no matter what you are going through, you always have the opportunity to tap into the higher power and change your life. We are all so spiritual! 

Let's talk about symbols

The Cross

One of the most recognizable symbols in the modern world due to the influence of Christianity. The cross has multiple layers ranging from the crucifixion of Jesus to the 4 elements, the 4 seasons as well as the equinoxes and solstices. Always remember symbols have more meanings than you think! 

The Dharma Wheel

The Dharma wheel is one of the oldest symbols in Buddhism representing the completeness of the 4 noble truths or eightfold path. 

The Crescent and Star

The crescent and the star is a prominent symbol of the Islamic world. Whereas the Western world is based around the Sun, the Islamic world is centered around the moon. This lunar disposition aligns Muslim culture with the phases and cycles of the moon. The popular phrase referring to the family as the Sun Moon and Stars refers to the man woman and child respectively. 

The Yin Yang (Tai Chi) Symbol

The most popular symbol of duality, the yin yang symbol reminds us that to be whole is to embrace our darkness and our light. Self awareness requires us to accept and integrate all of who we are. 

The Om Symbol

The OM represents all the sounds coming together as one. It is said that the OM is the sound that God used to create all of existence. 

The Star of David

2 triangles representing the balance of masculine and feminine energy as well as the joining of the higher and lower self. Symbol of the heart chakra and believed to be the shape of the merkaba light body.