“In a universe of many different energies, self awareness is essential to my personal vibration. I represent the Aware Brand because The Aware Brand represents my beliefs and values of knowing myself as a whole being. The Aware Brand isn’t just a brand. It’s a movement not only for The Culture, but for impact and shifting of our world.

-Adrienne Carter

“It's dope. Everything from the clothing style to the message. It distinguishes  you as someone different from the rest. It's almost like a show to people you have escaped the matrix.”

-Terrell White

“It’s rare for a brand to inspire and motivate me to keep pushing, no matter how hard life gets. Also, to be Aware of my greatness. The Aware Brand does that for me. Just putting on a hat or shirt boosts my confidence. 

-Tyrone George 

I have never seen a brand that pays attention to quality and messaging like The Aware Brand. This brand came right in time in my life. I was going through some trials and tribulations and I came across their page and read an affirmation that changed my mood very quickly. This is a brand that I rock with! 

-Miles Williams 

The Aware brand speaks from a place of authenticity and transparency. Both Richard and Drew embody dedication, humility, and essentially love. I support The Aware Brand because the owners live out what it represents. The intention behind the brand is rooted in those same principles. So if I’m going to spend money on a hoodie, why not wear something you know was created with intent to build, strengthen and unify? It’s not just a fashion statement. It’s like setting an intention. I support The Aware Brand because it’s also in alignment with what I believe. The Award Brand is about promoting peace, love, empathy, and the power of manifesting your dreams. It’s about being cognizant of your thoughts, words and actions. I’m proud to rock my hoodie. It represents the pride I have for my culture and our history. I support my brothers because of who they are and what they stand for. I’m aware of my power! Are you?

-Sakinah Northern 

To me, The Aware Brand is all about tapping into my power and letting it out into the world. It’s not everyday that a clothing brand is encouraging you to look within while still managing to get you fly.  Along with the clothes these guys have dope meaningful visuals and really meet the customer where they are. It doesn’t feel preachy and I love that. Keep doing ya'll thing! 


"The Aware brand hat is less a piece of apparel I wear and more of a way for me to advertise a part of my identity.  Just the idea of awareness itself has shaped my character so much - to be self-aware and to be socially-aware.  Not only that, but the hat I purchased also says "self-love" on the back - something I often forget to do, but now I have this daily reminder to remember that loving myself first and foremost is so vital.

Not only is this product something I wear with pride, it's also baller.  It's sexy.  It's high-quality material and doesn’t look cheap.  And being part of the Aware brand means I'm part of something bigger than myself.  All in all, MORE than satisfied with this product."

-Dev W

Aware brand has good quality and everything. It’s given to you in a timely manner 

-Deon Dismuke 

I absolutely love my Aware Brand shirt! Seriously one of my favorite pieces of apparel that I own. To me, it signifies my awakening and my constant thirst for knowledge. ❤