CARBON: The Black Light of the Earth

CARBON: The Black Light of the Earth




          BLACK has always been mysterious and unsettling to people. If we took a poll on how people felt about the color black in general there would probably be a 50/50 split on people who like it (fashion, company in the black, black people), and those who don't (black magic, occult science, black people lol). Context is really everything, especially when it comes to the color black. The wide variety of looks we can achieve in black is uncanny; we can go from freakum dress to gothic really quick. Beyond the fashion sphere, it is really interesting to observe how blackness shows up in nature. When we look at nature, we have the opportunity to get a glimpse into the mind of the hidden hand that writes the story of all life; the being we refer to as God/Universe/Source. The most notable form of blackness in nature is the element Carbon, and if black wasn't controversial enough for you before, wait until you see what God has up its sleeve.

            At first glance, when we think about carbon our minds go to diamonds, coal for fire, and maybe activated charcoal for a good detox; but when we take a closer look at this essential element we see that its number is 666. Whoa. No, that wasn't a typo, just follow along with us for a minute. Most of us know what Christianity says about this number but you have to admit it is very strange and intriguing that out of all the elements in the periodic table, carbon would be the one to have 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. Why are we so afraid of this number? Whose perspective are we allowing to control how we see ourselves and the world? That feeling of uneasiness growing in your stomach right now, it is important to know that someone put that there. When we are exposed to new information, we are in a better place to make more informed decisions; without the tight grip of fear and tainted bias. With so many people leaving the churches due to breaking free from such fears, and in some part due to scientific innovations, it is imperative that we all ask ourselves this question: How do we reconcile the two worlds of science and religion in our hearts and minds?



           The only healthy way to address potential confusion such as this is to tell ourselves a new story, one that integrates the information we now have in a new and fresh way. So here we go!

            According to one of the most brilliant humans to ever live, Nikola Tesla, "black is the true face of light, only we do not see it". Lets not forget that light is a fundamental form of energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed; it only changes form. If the original face of light is black, then it makes sense that as light continues to change form and become matter, we will see blackness reproduced in denser and denser forms (black holes to neuromelanin to charcoal to black people). In many ways, blackness is the default setting for the SELF ORGANIZING power we know as God/Universe/Source to manifest and createitself over and over. On Earth, that creation takes place through carbon. In as far back as middle school, we all learn that for anything to be considered organic and alive, it must be made from this essential element. The very air we breathe is made suitable for our lungs by the green plants who draw their power from carbon: the black light of the planet. An element whose number also happens to be 666.

            Is the importance of carbon on this planet along with its interesting numeric value enough to make you reconsider your disposition towards it? Has that weird feeling in your stomach vanished? If not, just consider; what would the world be like without carbon? Here at The Aware Brand we like to highlight information in a way that makes all of us stop, think, and take a moment to realize the beauty and power that lives in the world and ourselves. After reading all of this you can still walk away believing that 666 has nothing to do with carbon and everything to do with the devil. BUT, you would be ignoring some huge bits of information solely because it makes you uncomfortable, when the truth of the matter is, growth is always uncomfortable. When you see blackness, whether it be clothes or Black people, we want you to remember that it isn't just a color, but that it is a reminder of God/Universe/Source's mystery and creative power. If we choose to connect 666 with carbon, and acknowledge carbon as the essence of all organic life, a lot of the fear we have around the number will dissipate. It is also important to point out that all colors mixed together make black, so it is no wonder why we always come together in the darkest of times. We need to come together now more than ever to work through our fears, and looking at blackness and carbon is as great a place to start as any.


Are you aware? 

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