What Would Dr. Sebi Do? 4 Plant Based Medicines We Should Be Taking Right Now

What Would Dr. Sebi Do? 4 Plant Based Medicines We Should Be Taking Right Now

We all can agree that this COVID-19 crisis is UNPRECEDENTED. As millennials, we’ve experienced a lot. From two economic crashes, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, a Trump Presidency, and we’re not even 40 yet. But one thing this coronavirus has brought to our awareness is our health. Our health is super duper important and the only way we can sustain it is to ensure we are herbing up and boosting our immune systems.

So with that said lets make Dr. Sebi proud and check out our list of herbal medicines you can take right now to protect yourself. 



  1. Seamoss

Made famous by Dr. Sebi himself for curing “incurable” diseases, this superfood is loaded with vitamins and over 92 minerals that your body needs. Sea Moss can be used in smoothies, health drinks and more. You can cook it or eat it raw (for best results). Other benefits include: immune support, healthy mucus membrane support, digestive health, thyroid support, weight loss, mental health and fertility. 


  1. Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil contains thymoquinone, which is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that’s reported to have tumor-reducing properties. Other benefits include: weight loss, increased kidney and liver functions, eczema reduction, antipsoriatic, and fertility. 




  1. Elderberry

The berries and flowers of elderberry are jammed packed with antioxidants and vitamins that boosts your immune system. Benefits include: Taming inflammation, increased heart function, and it’s said to be a destresser. It has been known to treat headaches, kidney problems and infections that affect how we breathe. 


  1. Burdock Root

This native vegetable of North Asia and Europe is a powerhouse. Burdock root contains big antioxidants and is known to reduce inflammation. It is a blood detoxifier and has been reported to increase circulation in the body. Other benefits include: a natural aphrodisiac (Get right Kings) and it's great for the skin.

We could’ve made this list way longer. But this is a great starter kit, especially if you’ve never experienced herbal medicine. At the end of the day, awareness is about the mind, the body and the spirit. So be sure to add these to your cart on your next grocery run or if you’re online shopping. Stay tapped in, be kind to yourself and eat your medicine. 

We love you!

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