Are You Willing to go the Distance?: Social Distancing and Getting Through This Quarantine

Are You Willing to go the Distance?: Social Distancing and Getting Through This Quarantine

      To say that this has been a stressful time is an understatement. We’ve gone from empty shelves where food and water used to be, to stores now limiting the amount that people can buy (Thank the gods). But still no toilet tissue. The whole entire world is feeling the effects of COVID-19’s dirty dance through our collective immune system. With the number of confirmed cases continuing to rise here in the U.S., scientists and lay people alike have been trying to figure out just how to stay safe in all the madness. So far, social distancing and self quarantining have been the best suggestions. Initially an unofficial measure taken by the public, quarantining was eventually suggested and urged by the President and his team, and this is when we saw the majority of businesses and schools close. 

      Now what? 

      In a society where we are always on the go, always on to the next thing, social distancing and quarantining ourselves haven’t been the easiest thing to do. With most of us staying indoors and minimizing our physical interactions we are left to deal with who we are beyond our jobs, clothes, events, and hairstyles. Now we get to see first hand just how much time and energy we devote to things that don’t really matter when our health is at stake. 

       A lot of people are worried right now, and understandably so. As we quarantine and distance ourselves from other people, we can use this time as an opportunity to get in touch with SELF. 

      We have the chance to really do some self work  and put some distance between our true selves and things like doubt, fear, and anxiety that trick us into thinking we are something we are not: powerless. 

      While we are at home here’s some things we can do to open our awareness to that truth:

  1. Clean and organize the house
  2. Open the windows to let fresh air in
  3. SAGE (spend more time in corners where energy tends to accumulate)
  4. Rearrange furniture! Get your Feng Shui on
  5. Be creative! (write, draw, record content)
  6. Stretch
  7. Workout (so many challenges on IG)

      Social distancing and quarantining ourselves is a really important piece to prevent our healthcare system from being more overwhelmed than it already is. And it doesn’t have to all be super zen and boring. If you’re with your partner you can get creative in the bedroom (or whole house), and of course check in with your friends and family. People like D-Nice have been trying to keep our collective spirits up with amazing music in their livestreams; he had over 100 thousand people rocking with him Saturday! 

     Even though we cannot be physically next to each other, let’s use this time to still be close to one another while getting to know ourselves on a deeper level. Some people find it really hard to be alone with themselves and they will need a friend or two to help them with this new normal. If all goes well we will be back outside turning up in no time; as a new version of ourselves. As always, every moment is an opportunity for us to expand our awareness of self. We will do our best to check in with our tribe and make sure ya'll are good! We hope everyone stays safe and healthy! Remember, stress and fear lowers our immunity and makes us easier to control. Never forget that you are a limitless being with the power to decide how you react to the twists and turns of life. Tap in! 

     Are you aware?

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