Streetwear in Atlanta Will Never Be the Same!  👁

Streetwear in Atlanta Will Never Be the Same! 👁




It’s has been an eventful August in Atlanta! This city has a special place in the heart of the brand and August solidified that even more for us.


To give some context, ATL was home for our CEO Drew Sanders for 8 years. They were the first city to really be exposed to the brand back in 2017. Atlanta was the home of our first photoshoot, first printer, embroider etc, so it’s only right that we brought it back to the 404 for some pop ups this month.


Everything started with Aware Brand being invited by Foot Locker to attend investfest and meet the homegrown brands in the A. The love and energy was real! We were greeted with open arms and excitement about what the future can possibly hold. Y’all stay tuned!


Our official pop up was the following weekend at black owned brewery Atlantucky. Shout to the Nappy Roots for lending us their amazing space to pop up in! We released our exclusive Atlanta is Aware tee there and the people saw it online during promo and pulled up on us in real life to get it. After shopping and listening to a fireside chat with the founders the audience had the opportunity to ask questions and they asked some really insightful and dope questions! This let us know that our tribe in ATL really rock with us and are engaged and tuned in with the brand.



We headed to APT4B for a post pop up celebration and were welcomed beautifully by the staff there. The energy was high, food was amazing. We danced laughed and had a great time. We even sold some merch to the bartenders! Everything was working for our benefit in a divinely aligned way.


It’s only right we kept the vibes going! This past weekend we popped up for two days at the popular AEBL Championship Basketball games.

Again, our main attraction was the ATL city tees and the tribe did not disappoint. If you follow us on Instagram you saw how many people were excited to show support and rock the tee. Big shout to Jah Rawlings for allowing us to use the space to activate! Shout to all the ATLiens who pulled up, shared the flyers, and showed us love. We appreciate it! For anyone who missed getting the tees, they are available online now!

It’s definitely safe to say ATLANTA IS AWARE👁

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